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Destination URL Macros

Destination URL macros can be used to send data from AVID to your landing page. In order to use destination macros, you must add them to the ad’s Destination URL. The following macros can be inserted:

  • {ADID} – Unique Ad Identifier
  • {ADGROUPID} – Ad Group Identifier
  • {PLACEMENTID} – Placement Identifier
  • {PUBLISHERID} – Publisher Identifier
  • {ADNAME} – Ad Name
  • {ADGROUPNAME} – Ad Group Name
  • {PLACEMENTNAME} – Placement Name
  • {PUBLISHERNAME} – Publisher Name
  • {SUBID1} – Sub ID 1
  • {SUBID2} – Sub ID 2
  • {SUBID3} – Sub ID 3
  • {SUBID4} – Sub ID 4
  • {SUBID5} – Sub ID 5
  • {CPACODE} – Unique Click ID



These destination URL macros are case sensitive. All letters should be capitalized.


You can export the placement’s detailed data by clicking on the “Export” option. The data will be downloaded and saved as an excel file on your computer.


For HTML and Text ads when you add an onclick or href attribute, please make sure that you add a target=”{target}” so the placement’s “Opens in New Windows” option will work properly.

Updated on February 10, 2017

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