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AVID’s Billing Process

While AVID’s billing process is meant to be simply structured – it can sometimes be difficult to remember exactly how you’ll be billed by us. On this page, we will take you through each portion of your bill.

To see your invoices, go to http://tenants.avidadserver.com/Invoice or click on Invoices on the top right of the AVID platform after clicking on the down arrow next to your login name. Within the invoice you’ll see billing information near the top left. If you ever need to make changes to this information, let us know at contact@avidadserver.com. Near the top right of the invoice, you’ll see the invoice number and date, as well as the date payment is due.

Towards the bottom left of the invoice, you’ll see instructions on how to send a wire for payments over $1,500, and where to send a PayPal payment for balances less than $1,500. The bottom right of the invoice shows the total invoice amount, and directly under that will reflect any payments that have been made towards the balance.

The main section of your invoice details your current monthly subscription charges, as well as any impression overages or CDN bandwidth usage you may have incurred in the previous month.

Monthly Subscription Prepaid: When you first got started with AVID, you made an initial pre-payment that was based on the estimated number of impressions you had hoped to run with us. This amount recurs each month, and will only go up or down if you request to make changes to your subscription with us by the end of the month. While you can run up to 125% of your subscription plan each month, your CPM rate is lowered once you reach the next impression tier, so it may benefit you to upgrade sooner.

AVID has a tiered-subscription based pricing plan, and is billed on a CPM model. Pricing plans start at $199.00 a month for 2,000,000 impressions. Contact accounting@avidadserver.com with any billing questions you have.

Updated on February 15, 2018

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