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Bulk Change Destination URL

For various reasons you may need to change the domain of your destination URLs. In AVID, it’s easy to find and replace parts of a URL for all of your destination URLs at once. This article will walk you through a step by step process to change the root domain (or any string) in your destination URLs. It’s similar to the “Find and Replace” feature in Microsoft Office or other applications.

Click on your username and go to “Settings”

Scroll down to the Bulk Change Destination URL Section

  1. Enter the string to search for in the Replace section.
  2. Enter the string to replace with in the With section.
  3. Click the Save Button.

If your URLs look like: http://avid.com/etc and you want to update them to be http://avidadserver.com/etc, then you would Replace “avid.com” With “avidadserver.com”

That’s all there is to it. Now every destination URL will be sent to the new domain.

Updated on May 17, 2017

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