Create HTML Ad

If you want to create an HTML Ad, choose this option from the drop down list.  A form will appear which will allow you to add the following information:

  • Ad Group
  • Status (Online or Offline)
  • Name
  • The HTML code that you would like to be displayed as an advertisement
  • Click Tags

Click tags allow you to dynamically insert links into your HTML ad so that the clicks will be properly counted by our system. You can have multiple click tags within the same HTML Ad. Next to the click tags, there will be a drop-down list with all actions. By choosing an action, you are connecting the ad with that action.

Enter the distribution weight, then select the Cost Metric and Cost Rate you are being charged by (this should be the same as the metric and rate you entered for the entire placement).

Click the “Create” button so the ad is successfully added into the system and appears in the ads list.

You can also use the Upload Zip File Option.

You can copy ad groups or ads from the Media Library by clicking the “Use Media Library” or “Add Multiple Ads from Media Library” options.


Updated on September 6, 2017

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