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Create Image or Flash Ad

Display ads, also known as an image or flash ad, refers to any banner ad where the entire ad is an image. You can create a new image or flash ad by choosing the option from the drop down menu. A form will appear where you will be asked to add the following information:

  • Ad Group
  • Status (Online or Offline)
  • Name
  • Image URL (or upload an image by choosing the “Upload Image” button)

Click the “Preview” button if your image is not being displayed at the top of the form. Enter the destination or click URL, and enter the distribution weight.

Select the Cost Metric and Cost Rate you would like to be charged by for this ad. NOTE: this should be the same as the metric and rate you entered for the entire placement.

Click the “Create” button so the ad is successfully added into the system and appears in the ads list.



Creating a flash ad is the same as creating an image ad, but the important difference is using click tags in the .swf file in order for your ads to be tracked properly.

You can also copy ad groups or ads from Media Library by clicking the “Use Media Library” or “Add Multiple Ads from Media Library” options.

Updated on November 15, 2017

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