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Create Text Ad Style

A new text ad style is created by clicking on the “Create Text Ad Style” button under your Text Ad Styles tab. Here you’ll name your new text ad style, and define the size of the ad. Note: the text ad size MUST match the placement size you want to use it with. You can also copy an existing style to save yourself some time.


The next three fields on the form are where you’ll write your HTML and CSS code for your ad. Input the custom code for your header and footer, as well as your template format.


The last four boxes on this form outline the rest of your settings for the text ad style:

  • Enable Images – this option is used (by checkbox) if you want to use images with your text ad
  • Max Ads – with this option you can define the number of text ads you want to be displayed at once within the same placement. The default template serves three ads at once, but you can serve as many ads as you’d like

You must edit the CSS to properly divide the ad space (placement size) into equal parts depending on the size of the placement and the number of ads.

  • Max Title Length – here you define the max title length of the ad
  • Max Description Length – here you define the max description length of the ad

Don’t forget to click “Save” so your text ad style is saved and appears in the text ad styles list.



Updated on February 21, 2017

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