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Create and Edit Publisher

A publisher can log in to the system as a user with limited access (permissions), giving him transparency for impression and click stats, as well as allowing the publisher to approve or disapprove ads.

In order to add or create a new publisher, click on the “Create Publisher” option. A form will appear as presented below. After filling out the necessary information, click on the “Save button” so the publisher is successfully added into the system and listed in the publishers list.

In order to set up a publisher with login information, the box marked “Enable Login” must be checked. Checking this box will prompt you to select settings for this publisher. Enter the publisher’s e-mail address and create a password. If you would like the publisher to be able to approve or disapprove ads, check the “Enable Publisher Review” box and select the default status for ads (Accepted or Denied). Select the statistics that you would like the publisher to see. If you don’t want the publisher to see any statistics, then leave all of the check-boxes unchecked.



As the administrator creates users in the system, publishers are not automatically provided with login information. You will manually need to send your publisher: login URL, username, and password.

Every publisher can be edited inline by clicking on the “Edit Publisher” option towards the right of the screen. The form with the previously added information will appear where you will be able to modify the existing data. If you haven’t already enabled login, this can be done at any time by editing the publisher. Click on the “Save” button in order to save the changes you have made.



While the publisher name can always be edited, the publisher’s username cannot be edited or changed, as it was assigned at the time the publisher’s account was created by the administrator.

You can export the complete publishers’ data by clicking on the “Export” option. The data will be downloaded and saved as an excel file on your computer.


Updated on February 10, 2017

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