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Get Pixel Tag

You can get the pixel’s HTML tag by clicking on the “Get HTML Tag” icon. You can choose the embed method and also check the “Dynamic Revenue Passthrough”, “Secure SSL” page, and “Track Multiple Sales” buttons. After generating the pixel, it must be added into the “Transaction Complete” page of the offer you are promoting.


Pixel Options

Dynamic Revenue Passthrough allows you to override the revenue amount of the pixel within the tag. Clicking on the “Dynamic Revenue Passthrough” box adds a new field to your tag, “rev=[DYNAMIC-REVENUE-HERE]”. Replace “[DYNAMIC-REVENUE-HERE]” with a new revenue value, or a macro from your offer source that will insert the new revenue value.

On an iFrame, image, or postback embed method, there is a “Secure SSL Page” option. Clicking on this box makes your tag SSL secure.

You can track multiple sales by clicking on the “Track Multiple Sales” checkbox. A new field will be added to the tag, “cid={TransactionID}”. Replace {TransactionID} with a unique identifier to track between multiple sales when placing the pixels on the “Transaction Complete” page of the offer you are promoting. Multiple sales will track when the click ID is the same and the Transaction IDs are different.

Updated on February 14, 2017

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