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Host Landing Page Tutorial

Easily integrate your ads to your landing pages in AVID. You can clone a page and switch out the offer name, offer image, and offer links all in under 2 minutes!


Make the video full screen for better viewing and more detail.

AVID has the ability to serve and host HTML files. You can load and serve HTML5 ads in AVID, but AVID’s HTML capabilities are not limited to ads. Anything you can code in HTML, CSS, or Javascript can be hosted in AVID, from third party ad tags to entire web pages.

When creating an HTML Ad, click on “Show Advanced Macros” to see a new section where you can add placeholder macros for text and files (images, video, css, javascript, etc.).

For the first step we used DreamWeaver, but you can use any HTML editor that you’re familiar with. Do a search and replace throughout your web page to replace the name, image, and link for the offers on your page with the macros you will use in AVID. When you do this, remember the macro names should all be encased in squiggly brackets as they are case sensitive.

Copy and paste your webpage code into an AVID HTML “Ad.”

First, add your click tags. These are the links to your offer. The tag name should match the naming you used in your code, without the squiggly brackets. Then, copy and paste in your offer links.

Next, click on the “Show Advanced Macros” link to open up the options for adding text and file macros. Again, name them the same as the naming you used in your code and make sure the casing matches.

Last, Save and Close.

Click the Get Tag button and select the IFrame option. Copy the iframe source URL up to “&rnd=[CACHE-BUSTING-ID-HERE]”. This will be the URL of the the page you just created.
Paste the URL into any browser window to see your AVID HTML page. You can also put this URL in the destination link of any ads you’re running in your DSP, Facebook, AdWords, or content ad network account.

Now here’s the best part of this…you will save so much time when you have a new offer that you want to split test on the same page, or switch out an old offer with a new one.
First, clone the page.

Second, update your offer name, link, and image.

Last, Save and Close.

Watch the video so you can see us add a new offer in the rotation in less than 2 minutes. You don’t have to update any URLs in any of your ads because it’s still using the same destination URL. Did you see how fast the AVID hosted pages are loading in the video? This is because the images and webpage code are all on AVID’s lightening fast CDN. That’s not fancy video editing, the pages really do load that fast.

The best part about this is that you can still use all the AVID targeting options to customize who sees certain pages based on geography, device type, browser, IP type, or any other targeting condition in AVID.

Updated on May 17, 2017

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