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Profile Templates

You can save frequently used profile targeting conditions as a template in the “Profile Templates” section on the left side of your main navigation. Profile templates must be created from this section as they cannot be saved while editing or creating an Ad Group or Ad.

Click the button labeled “Create Profile Template” and enter the desired conditions and options. Conditions in a profile template cannot be changed or deleted from the “Edit Ad” screen. Once created, you can easily copy existing templates by clicking on the “Clone” button and then edit them any way you want.


To use a profile template, select it from the profile template drop down menu. The saved template will appear as a profile in your ad or ad group.

When you make a change to a saved template, you also have to option to update that change in all places where the template is being used.

Selecting this box will update the changes in every instance that the profile is being used.

Updated on May 16, 2017

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