Text Ad Macros

You can also insert the following macros into a text ad, which are listed next to the text ad template format for your reference:

  • {title} – Text Ad Title
  • {description} – Text Ad Description
  • {clickurl} – Click URL
  • {target} – Browser Windows Target
  • {jsclick} – Window Open Code (Click Alternative)
  • {imgurl} – Image/Video URL
  • {poster} – Poster Image
  • {autoplay} – Auto-Play Video
  • {autoplaytf} – Auto-Play Video (True or False )
  • {mute} – Start Muted
  • {autorepeat} – Auto-Repeat
  • {showcontrols} – Show Video Controls
  • {allowfullscreen} – Full screen Option for YouTube


Text ad style macros are case sensitive.



While using placeholders like {jsclick}, {target}, {clickurl} etc. for HTML and text ads, please make sure that the placeholder is in quotes. For example: “{jsclick}” or “{clickurl}” to make sure that the generated HTML is valid.

Updated on February 21, 2017

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